Reports from Fields (Contributions)

This network welcomes active contributions of information on real African aituations from people involved in business in Africa and various personal reports from Japanese people who stay in or tour Africa for business or tourism purposes.
This section will offer information on themes other than those specified above and on-the-ground personal observations and experiences. Given the objectives of this network, we will be really appreciated the tips or information that will be useful to deepen the understanding of African economy, business environments, business opportunities and risk control.

* If you would like to share the information on this website, please contact us from here.

An example of contributed article

Mr. Tamotsu Ishihara, Chief of Representative Office of Mitsui & Co. Europe Plc. in Maputo

“What is Maputo like?” (Japanese)

(“Japan Foreign Trade Council monthly report” December 2013 No.720)

Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers Market Research team (Japanese)

Everyday lives of ordinary farmers, consumption behaviors and breakdown of living expenses in African villages – these kind of on-the-spot-information won’t be easily known except by those who actually walk into an agricultural area and live with villagers. In the above website, the members of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers who are dilligently working for their missions will share their valuable observations and experiences.