Small and Medium-sized Companies doing business actively in Africa

This section contains information introducing small and medium-sized companies being involved in African business.

Changes in economic activities in African and other developing countries have brought business opportunities for small and medium-sized companies in Japan. Some of them have taken risks to move into Africa. Some of them, in the form of BOP/Inclusive business, have provided finished products or raw materials based on the demands of firms in Africa or have imported unique African products to Japan. The scope of business in Africa will further expand with the increased efforts of small and medium-sized companies.

The Japanese government has taken various policy measures to actively support small and medium-sized companies’ to expand their business in overseas. Under the schemes of JICA and JETRO, some of these companies started to cooperate with consulting firms to plan and prepare for business in Africa.

What we are trying to do on this website, this webpage is to gather and share information submitted voluntarily by small- to medium-companies who can introduce specific cases of African business to help each other in developing their business.

Overviews of Africa Business Partners


Activities of Japanese Enterprises

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 Support Japanese SMEs expanding into Africa

Africa Business Partners

Devex Japan/KT1 International  (in Japanese)

Launch of funds that invest in Japanese SMEs engaged in African business  (in Japanese)



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