Resources/Energy Development and Business

The development, production, refinement and transportation of oil, natural gas and other mineral resources on the African continent are the major business areas that can drive African growth.

For development and production of resources, a specialized business community has been formed to exchange information. General trading companies in Japan and other companies with advanced technologies are major contributors of the community. Successful resources development can create new demands in various relevant industrial sectors. In addition, governments of resource-rich countries use income from resources to improve infrastructure and public services, leading to positive changes in economic development and operations including the creation of new business opportunities.

This section will share the basic information on the trends of resources and energy development in Africa, changes in relevant economic development and business opportunities. These information are offered by the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC), companies involving in resources development and experts monitoring the trends of resources development. We will welcome the submission of any additional information.

Provided information from JOGMEC

African resource development trend (Whole picture of Africa,a resource-rich land)  (in Japanese)

Investment climate investigation

Tanzania’s investment climate investigation (2006)  (in Japanese)

Botswana’s investment climate investigation (2008)  (in Japanese)

Malawi’s investment climate investigation (2010)  (in Japanese)

Republic of Angola’s investment climate investigation (2012)  (in Japanese)

Mozambique’s investment climate investigation (2012)  (in Japanese)

Cooperated webpage of JOGMEC

Provided information from JICA

Kenya: Technical cooperation for geothermal development started  (in Japanese)

(JICA annual report of 2013)

Information related to African Development Bank Group

『Africa’s Mineral Wealth:A blessing or curse

(Address by Dr. Donald Kaberuka, President of the African Development Bank, Japanese version)

『Shale Gas and its Implications for Africa and the African Development Bank

(Reprinted from website of African Development Bank Group)

Activities of Japanese Enterprises

Mitsubishi Corporation “Mitsubishi’s aluminum smelting business in Mozambique”  (in Japanese)

(Reprinted from special articles on Africa of “Japan Foreign Trade Council monthly report” May 2013)


Itochu Corporation “Itochu’s platinum-group metal development of South African Republic”  (in Japanese)

(Reprinted from special articles on Africa of “Japan Foreign Trade Council monthly report” May 2013)


Mitsui & Co., Ltd. “Mozambique LNG Project – Challenge to reliable energy supply of world and contribution to Mozambique’s social economy development”  (in Japanese)

(Reprinted from special articles on Africa of “Japan Foreign Trade Council monthly report” May 2013)



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