Corporate Social Responsibility Operations Supporting Africa

An increasing number of Japanese companies are actively supporting Africa under their corporate social responsibility programs. Thus, in this section, we would like to introduce cases and information relevant to CSR assisting Africa.

CSR programs include those contributing to start business and human resources development that are expected to promote more African business. We will also share the cases where Japanese companies earn profit from their business in Africa and decide to use part of it for CSR as well as to donate to non-government organizations.

Activities of Japanese Enterprises

Mitsubishi Corporation “Mitsubishi Corporation’s CSR activities in Africa”

(Provided on 30 January 2014)

Marubeni Corporation “Renting out old costumes and modern Kimono presentation for Burkina Faso”

(Provided on 6 December 2013)

Marubeni Corporation “Presentation of used personal computers and furniture for Burkina Faso”

(Provided on 6 December 2013)

Sumitomo Corporation “Developing of ‘Sankyu Thank you project’ in Sub-Saharan Africa”

Toyota Tsusho Corporation “Toyota Tsusho CSV Africa Pte.Ltd.”

(Updated on 7 January 2014)

DAIICHI SANKYO COMPANY, LIMITED “Global CSR activities in Africa”

(Updated on 6 February 2014)

AKACHANHONPO “Donated Maternity house and baby wears for Zambia”

(Updated on 6 February 2014)

FUJI OIL CO,. LTD. “Take part in Support for Agricultural Development Master Plan for Nacala Corridor in Mozambique”

(Updated on 7 January 2014)

Sony Corporation “Our various CSR activities to respond to needs of society”

(Updated on 12 February 2014)

INPEX CORPORATION “Social action program – the business to contribute to Congo, Angola”

(Updated on 12 February 2014)

Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd. “Donate shoes for Zambia children”

(Updated on 13 February 2014)

Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. “Donate vehicles to Republic of Malawi”

(Updated on 13 February 2014)

KYOCERA Corporation ” KYOCERA Donates Solar Power Generating Systems to Schools”

(Updated on 13 February 2014)

NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS CO., LTD.. “Independence support for Kenyan food industry ‘Kenya Oishii Project'”

(Updated on 14 February 2014)

Ryohin Keikaku Co.,Ltd.. “One Village One Product Project in Kenya”

(Updated on 18 February 2014)


“Independence support through fashion – Established new label with Ethical Fashion Initiative”

“Donated uniforms to nursery school in Banda, Rwanda”

(Updated on 24 February 2014)

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. “For the UN Millennium Development Goals”

(Updated on 24 February 2014)

SoftBank Mobile Corp.  “Technical support of communication service in the Republic of Kenya.”

(Updated on 27 February 2014)

UNIQLO CO., LTD. “All-Product Recycling Initiative”

(Updated on 27 February 2014)

Bridgestone Cooperation “CSR activities in Africa”

Top>Responsibilities>CSR>Corporate Citizenship>Issues specific to local communities>Central, south Africa

(Updated on 27 February 2014) 

NEC “Efforts to social issues of Sub-Saharan, to boost regional development through the resolution”

(6 March 2014)

Panasonic Corporation “Contributing to society solving problems of emerging and developing countries” 

(March 11, 2014)

Click here for more information “to support through the cage set ® net” Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.

(As of 31 March, 2014)

Glasses shop Iwaki “Do you give to Kenya your glasses” 

(31 March, 2014 issue Reprinted from. Mainichi 38 “My ECO” vol)

Kirakusha/ SOTOKOTO “Smile Africa Project”

(26 December, 2014)



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