Cooperation and Support for Profitable Agriculture-Forestry-Fisheries Operations

Agriculture or agriculture-forestry-fisheries sector is strategically important for African development in terms of its involvement in food production, rural development, poverty reduction and environment-friendly economic development.

Agriculture represents the largest component of private sector in Africa. At TICAD V, Prime Minister Abe advocated support for “agriculture that enables farmers to earn money” and introduced Smallholder Horticulture Empowerment Project (SHEP) Model that was created by JICA experts, Aikawa and his staffs.

Japan has been accumulating experiences and achievements in supporting the African agriculture-forestry-fisheries sector and rural development. Its suggested support is designed to develop agriculture-forestry-fisheries operations as business to earn cash. Further participation of Japanese agriculture-forestry-fisheries experts and entrepreneurs in the support programs are highly expected.

In this section, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, JICA and other international organizations, we will introduce cases and business models of “profitable agriculture-forestry-fisheries operations” including model cases of ODA’s technical cooperation.

Provided information from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Cooperated webpage of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Provided information from JICA

(Links below are all in Japanese)

From “Produce and Sale” to “Produce for Sale -Jiro Aikawa, JICA Technical Cooperation Experts

(JICA website, news of 7 May 2013)

Kenya: Smallholder Horticulture Empowerment and Promotion Unit Project

(JICA Annual Report 2012)

Egypt promoting rice cultivation in Africa – People supporting Third Country Training

(JICA website, news of 22 November 2013)

Make revolution in Madagascar that is a major rice cultivation country – Challenge of JICA Experts

(JICA website, news of 6 June 2013)

Creating a Future of Rwandan coffee with Jose Kawashima, who is called “Coffee Hunter”

(JICA website, news of 29 July 2013)

“One Village, One Product” movement, that started from Oita, spreading in Malawi

(JICA website, news of 2 May 2013)

Information about The African Development Bank

Agriculture and Agro Industries (AfDB)

 Nomura Research Institute

“New business strategy for entry into last enormous market, Africa, through agricultural business”   (in Japanese)

(Reprinted from ”Chitekishisan Souzou (Creation of soft asset)”, October 2013)

Activities of Japanese enterprises and organizations

(Links below are all in Japanese)

SEEDAFRICA “Farm machine rental in Tanzania”

(Reprinted from “The International Development Journal” Issued in August 2013)

SAKA NO TOCHU Co., Ltd. “Support organic farming of sesame in Uganda”

(Reprinted from “The International Development Journal” Issued in July 2013)

SAKA NO TOCHU Co., Ltd. “Make Uganda into a major organic agricultural country”

(Provided on 13 December 2013)

K. Kobayashi & Co., Ltd. “Moroccan pepper cultivation project”

(Provided on 26 November 2013)

TAIYO INDUSTRY AFRICA INC. “Expansion plan of Japanese agricultural materials to Africa”

(Provided on 2 Mar, 2016)

Relevant projects

(Links below are all in Japanese)

Zambia “Food Crop Diversification Support Project for Environment of Food Security (FoDis)”

(ODA white paper of 2011)

Mozambique: Technical improvement project for rice farming improvement with Vietnam

(ODA white paper of 2012)

Sub-Saharan Africa: Coalition for African Rice Development (CARD) Initiative

(JICA Annual Report 2011)

Benin: New approach in aquaculture extension in Africa

(JICA Annual Report 2013)



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