TICAD V and African Business

At the Fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V) held in Yokohama in June 2013, the main theme discussed was how to lead the growing economy of Africa in the last 10 years to the future prosperity.

In his opening address at TICAD V, Prime Minister Abe announced, “What Africa needs now are private-sector investment and public-private partnership. Thus, we must revolutionize the way to support Africa.”

In the Yokohama Declaration, “promotion of private sector-led growth” was set as the top priority in response to the strong African opinions. African nations argue that not only economic assistance, but also active trade and investment in private sector that will consequently support private sector-led growth are needed for African development.

Moreover, TICAD V also reflected Africa’s expectations to improve the business relationship between Japan and Africa, Japanese companies to launch businesses in Africa, and Japanese Government and the private sector to eagerly invest in Africa.

This AB-NET was established due to the rising interest and eagerness of Japan to do business with Africa. From the links below, we would like to introduce you the opening address and Yokohama Declaration by Prime Minister Abe and the analyses of the achievements of TICAD V which we consider the threshold of Japan-Africa business relationship.


TICAD V opening session, address by Prime Minister Abe  (in Japanese)

Yokohama Declaration  (in Japanese)

TICAD V special report – “Toward Africa: major player is private sector investment”

(The International Development Journal, July 2013)

“Promoting Private Sector-led Growth in Africa”  – In light of the great success of TICAD V (in Japanese)

(Contributed by Masayuki Tamagawa, External Representation Office for Asia, African Development Bank (AfDB), AFRICA 2013 Summer issue)

“Hand in Hand with a More Dynamic Africa”  – Outcome report of TICAD V (PDF in Japanese)

(Contributed by Yoshifumi Okamura, Manager of African department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, AFRICA 2013 Autumn issue)

African Policy Speech  (in Japanese)

(14 January 2014, headquarter of AU, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia)