Japan-Africa Business Forum 2014 & Related Events

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(横)画像 (2)   With the collaboration of African Diplomatic Corps (ADC) and the African Development Bank External Representation Office for Asia (ASRO), the first Japan-Africa Business Forum 2014 was held in June 10th and 11th in Tokyo with the theme, “Succeeding In Africa: Unlocking Growth & Opportunities.” More than 100 business leaders and officers of public sector who represent Africa joined the Forum to present recent business trends. There were also more than a thousand Japanese participants who are involving in African Business and  its development. Participants had lively discussions over various topics and fields to further enhance business partnership between Japan and Africa and also to expand business opportunities in Africa.

Concept Note

The Participants List with Profiles

◆VIDEO: “Succeeding In Africa: Unlocking Growth & Opportunities”


Succeeding In Africa: Unlocking Growth & Opportunities


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African Diplomatic Corps(ADC) / African Development Bank(AfDB)



Supporting Organizations

Ministry of Finance / Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries / Keidanren / Keizai Doyukai / JOGMEC / JBIC / UNIDO / UNDP / World Bank Group / The African Society of Japan / Association of African Economy and Development Japan / Alliance Forum Foundation / Africa Business Promotion Support Network

Planning & Operation

Nikkei Business Planning and Editorial Center

9:00〜9:30 Opening Session
Welcome by Dr. Mohau Pheko (Ambassador oft he Republico f South Africa; ForumChairperson

  • Mr. Katsunobu Kato (Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary
  • Dr. Florence A. Chenoweth (Minister of Ag「icultureof Liberia)
  • Mr. Ibrahim Assane Mayaki (CEO NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency)
  • Mr. Yutaka Kase (Joint Chairman. Committee on Sub-Saharan Africa; Chairman of the Board,Sojitz)
9:30〜10:00 Setting the Stage:“Succeeding In Africa: Unlocking Growth & Opportunities
Introduced by Dr.M ohau Pheko (Ambassador oft he Republico f South Africa; Forum Chairperson)

  • Mr. Adam Kendall (Partner, Mc Kinsey & Company’s sub-Saharan OfficeiSouth Africa
  • Ms. Daphne Mashile-Nkosi (Executive Chairperson, Kalagadi Manganese IPtyl Ltd, (South Africa))
  • Mr. Zate Zoukpo (Director,Of ficeo f irst Vice President and Chief Operating Officer,AfDB)
  • Mr. Yoshifumi Okamura (Director General of AfricanAffairs Department, MOFA)
  • Mr. Mamoru Sekiyama (Chairman of Committee on Africa-Japan Relations, Keizai Ooyukai; Senior Executive Vice President,Marubeni)
10:00〜12:30 Plenary Session 1:Energy and Infrastucture
Investing in Energy, Power and Natural Resource(10:05-11:15)


  • Prof. Hiroyuki Hino (Senior Advisor to the Presidency of the Republic of Kenya)


  • Mr. Davis Chirchir (Cabinet Secretary, Kenya Ministry of Energy and Petroleum of Kenya)
  • Mr. Jean Paul Nemoyato Bagebole (Minister of the Economy and Commerce of Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  • Mr.Shinji Fujino (Executive Director,Member of the Board, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC))
  • Ms. Daphne Mashile-Nkosi (Executive Chairperson,Kalagadi Manganese (Ptyl Ltd, (South Africa)
  • Mr. Yasushi Yoshikai (Managing Officer, Chief Operating Officer,Energy Business Unit II, MITSUI &CO., LTD)
  • Dr.Oba Otudeko (Chairman, Honeywell Group; FBN Holdings PLC (Nigeria)
  • Mr. Eiji Hijikata (Senior Operating Officer /Power Project and Infrastructure Division,Marubeni Corporation)
11:20〜12:30 Transportation, Water, Social Infrastructures


  • Mr. Helmut Reiner Bahrs (Global Head, Financial Institutions, Investec,South Africa)

Keynote Speaker

  • Mr. Ibrahim Assane Mayaki (CEO NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency)


  • Dr.Zodwa Dlamini (Lesotho Highlands Water Commissioner)
  • Mr. Remigious Makumbe (Director-lnfrastruture and Service, SADC) -PDF
  • Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam (CEO, Ethiopian Airlines)
  • Mr. Hiroshi Kato (Vice President, JICA) -PDF
  • Mr. Takahiko Goan (Advisor, Yamaha Motor)  -PDF
  • Mr. Toshihiko Kita (Managing Executive Officer,President of Machinery Division, Sojitz) -PDF
12:30〜13:30 Networking lunch reception
Introduction of The African Lions -Younger Generation of African entrepreneurs


  • Mr.M asamori Takayanagi (Publisher, Nikkei Business)


  • Mr. Darryl Naidoo (PhD Student Researcher of Council for Scientific and Industrial Research ICSIR) National Laser Center, (South Africa))
  • Prof.Bruno G. Pollet (Director,HySA, Hydrogen (South Africa)
  • Mr. Yaw Owusu (Managing Director, Gateway Innovations, (Ghana))
  • Ms. Natsuko Shiraki (CEO, HASUNA)
13:40〜14:55 Plenary Session 2: Agribusiness


  • Mr. Susumu Tsubaki (Director of Asia Africa Investment and Consulting Pte.) -PDF


  • Dr. Florence A.Chenoweth (Minister of Agricultureof Liberia)
  • Dr. Chris van der Merwe (CEO,PamodziAgri (South Africa] -PDF
  • Mr. Nkosi’Mcineka (CEO, Amaphisi Farmers (South Africa)) -PDF
  • Mr. Hiromichi Matsushima (Director-General for International Affairs, Minister’s Secretariat, MAFF) -PDF
  • Ms. Yukiko Omura (Advisor, Amatheon Agri Holding  -PDF
  • Mr. Takaaki Abe (President, Granpa Co. Ltd.) -PDF
  • Mr. Yasushi Shingai (Executive Deputy President. JT)
15:00〜15:40 Presentations by METI and Representative of Japanese Enterprise:How Japanese enterprises can contribute to Africa’s move to more advanced industrial structure? (1)

  • Mr. Norihiko Ishiguro (Vice-Minister for International Affairs, METI) -PDF
  • Mr. Takashi Hattori (Managing Director, Toyota Tsusho Corporation) -PDF
15:45〜16:55 Plenary Session 3: Healthy Africa


  • Mr. George Hara (Ambassador and Chairman, Alliance Forum Foundation)


  • Dr. Oladapo Walker (Coordinator. World Health Organization (WHO) IST /West Africa)
  • Mr. James Kuria (Head of Africa Business Development, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting Co., Ltd. (Japan))
  • Dr. Paul Mwaniki (Vice Chairman, Kenya Healthcare Federation)
  • Dr. Yasuhiko Toride (Group Executive Professional, Ajinomoto Co., Inc) -PDF
  • Mr. Yukishige Sanada (TERUMO Europe General Manager.TERUMO Corporation) -PDF
17:00〜18:10 Plenary Session 4: Risk Management


  • Mr. Tomiyasu Nakamura (Executive Vice President, JETRO) -PDF


  • Ms. Valentine Sendanyoye Rugwabiza (Chief Executive Officer, Rwanda Development Board (ROB))
  • Ms. Rendani Neluvhalani (Partner,EY South Africa,International Tax Services -Pan-African Tax Desk, Asia Pacific Tax Centre) -PDF
  • Mr. Ken Poonoosamy (Managing Director, Board of Investment(Mauritius))
  • Dr. Nathaniel Agola (Associate Professor, Doshisha University, Graduate School of Global Studies. Japan)) -PDF
  • Mr. Lies Kerrar (CEO, Humilis Finance (Algeria))
  • Ms. Mina Arai-Ito (Middle East and Africa Group Representative, Baker & Mckenzie, Attonery at Foreign Law) -PDF(日本語)
  • Mr. Yasumitsu Himeno (Representative & Senior Business Development Officer, MIGA Tokyo) -PDF
18:10〜18:15 Day 1 Closing

Day 2
9:30〜10:00 Presentation by Representative of Japanese Enterprise(2)

  • Mr. Hideto Nakahara (Senior Executive Vice President,Mitsubishi Corporation) -PDF
10:00〜11:30 Plenary Session 5: Finance: Investment Value and Raising Fund


  • Mr. Masayuki Tamagawa (Head of External Representation office of Asia(ASRO), AfDB)

Keynote Speaker

  • Mr. Tatsuo Yamasaki (Director General of International Bureau, Ministry of Finance)


  • Mr. Ebenezer N.Essoka (Vice Chairman-Africa Region, Standard Chartered Bank,South Africa)
  • Mr. Joseph Ogutu (Director of Strategy and Innovation, Safaricom (Kenya)) -PDF
  • Ms. Minoush Adbel-Meguid (Managing Director, Union Capital Partners (Egypt))
  • Mr. Amadou Hott (CEO, Sovereign wealth fund for strategic investments of Senegal)
  • Mr. Muneo Kurauchi (Senior Managing Executive Officer, Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ)
  • Mr. Shigeki Kimura (Managing Executive Officer, JBIC) -PDF
11:30〜12:00 Closing Speech

  • Dr. Mohau Pheko (Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa; Forum Chairperson)
  • Mr. Zate Zoukpo (Director, Office of First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, AfDB)
  • Mr. Hiroshi Yamamoto(Parliamentay Secretary for Finance)
  • Mr. Estifanos Afeworki Haile (Ambassador of the State of Eritrea, Dean of ADC)

Business Opportunities of individual regions of Africa(Main Auditrium)
13:00〜14:00 Doing Business in West Africa

  • by Mr. Umoessien Enobong
14:00〜15:00 Doing Business in North Africa

  • by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Farhad KHLIF -PDF
15:00〜16:00 Doing Business in Central Africa

  • by Minister Jean Paul NEMOYATO Bagebole -PDF
16:00〜17:00 Doing Business in Southern Africa

  • by Mr. Remigious Makumbe -PDF & Dr. Zodwa Dlamini -PDF
17:00〜18:00 Doing Business in East Africa

  • by Mr. Jim Kabeho -PDF & Ambassador Dennis Awori -PDF

Business Partnership seminar
  • Presentation of Countries
  • Presentation of Enterprise
  • Sector, Theme
  • Presentation of Japanese Enterprise
Simultaneous Transration
Room A-1
12:30 Rwanda

  • by Ms. Valentine Sendanyoye Rugwabiza
13:00 Djibouti
Strategic Location

  • by Mr. Simon Mibrathu -PDF
13:30 Uganda
Investment Opportunities in Kenya

  • by Mr. Samuel Majwega Musoke
14:00 Kenya
Investment Opportunities in Kenya

  • by Mr. Kiprono Kitonny & Mr. Peter K. Munga -PDF
14:30 ZAMBIA

  • by Hon. Robert Kaponda Sichinga M.P. -PDF
15:00 Madagascar

  • by Mr. Eric Robson ANDRIAMIHAJA -PDF
15:30 South Africa
Doing business in South Africa

  • by Mr. Manley Barnard & Mr. Zamo Gwala -PDF
16:00 Mauritania

  • by Mr. Regragui BENZA
16:30 Algeria
Algeria Economic Environment and Business Opportunities

  • by Mr. Lies KERRAR -PDF
17:00 Tunisia

  • by Mr. Motohiro Shimoda -PDF
17:30 Egypt

  • by Mr. Mahmoud Ahmed Ahmed ElMahgoub

Room A-2
12:30 Gateway Innovations

  • by Mr. Yaw Owusu -PDF
13:00 NEC

  • Mr. Masahiro Ikeno
13:30 Safaricom

  • by Mr. Joseph Ogutu
14:00 Bolloré

  • by Mr. Jason Reynard -PDF

  • by Mr. Taro Nakano -PDF
15:00 Amatheon Agri

  • by Mr. Carl Heinrich Bruhn & Ms. Yukiko Omura -PDF
15:30 YAMAHA

  • by Mr. Satoshi Yamagiwa -PDF
16:00 Senegal

  • by Mr. Amadou Hott -PDF
16:30 Togo
Les opportunités d’investissement au Togo

  • by Mr. Koffi Sodokin -PDF

Burkina Faso

  • by Mr. KY Evariste -PDF


  • by Mr. Jean-Baptiste SATCHIVI

Côte d’Ivoire

  • by Mr. Nicolas Djibo

Room A-3
12:30 Partnership

  • by Ms. Yukari Umemoto -PDF
13:00 Invest Africa and African Capital Investments

  • by Mr. Robert B. Hersov -PDF
13:30 Ethiopian Airlines

  • by Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam -PDF
14:00 Mauritius/span>

  • by Mr. Ken Poonoosamy
14:30 Partnership with India

  • by Ms. Janaki Chaudhry & Mr. S. Kuppuswamy -PDF

  • by Mr. Ebenezer Essoka
15:30 Morocco

  • by Mr. Ali Zaki -PDF
16:00 ABE Initiative / JICA

  • by Mr. Tsujimoto & Ms. Sasaki -PDF

  • by Mr. Susumu Tsubaki -PDF
17:00 Mozambique

  • by Mr. Lourenco Sambo -PDF
17:30 Angola

  • by Dr. Maria Luísa Perdiga Abrantes -PDF

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